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I've been teaching high school mathematics for 14 years.  For seven years I taught at a 8-9 building, teaching the Core-Plus Math Project, aka Common Core Standards.  Then I moved to our high school for the last seven years, teaching Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, and AP Statistics.

My motivation is my students and my passion is teaching.  My quest is to get all of our students to take and pass AP Calculus.  I figure I have about 20 years or more/less to accomplish this.  I believe this can be done, and done in less than 10 years.  That leaves 10 years to perfect it.

It sounds crazy, but I liken it to coaching football.  The goal is to win a state championship.  I have to work for this goal even though I know it will be tough, it is something that in the back of my mind is the mission.  It takes a lot to win states, but with hard work and the proper development it can be done.

The mission is to get every student to be literate in mathematics.  I believe literacy in mathematics, starts with calculus.  Everything that is taught in mathematics leads to calculus.  If you can find a derivative  of something and understand what that means, you are mathematically literate.

Since this page is about me, here some stuff about me.

I'm married with two beautiful daughters.  Family is the most important thing to me.  Sports, the internet, PS3, and home improvement projects are "what I do".  Favorite TV shows of all time are Seinfeld and Cheers, and I'm a Star Wars fanatic.  My ipod is a mix of everything.  It's Mac over Windows, and Chrome over Safari.  Someday, I'll finish Gran Turismo, see the Lions win a Superbowl, and get back to Paris.

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